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Netherlands Releases ‘National Agenda on Quantum Technology’

By IQT News posted 30 Sep 2019

(TNO.nl) The Netherlands is now one of the leading players in quantum technology, which is developing rapidly worldwide. With quantum computers and networks, applications that are unreachable for ordinary computers and today’s internet will come into view and a whole new high-tech industry may emerge. Yet this strong position for the future is not a foregone conclusion. At the request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, knowledge institutes and high-tech companies have identified what is needed in the coming years to maintain and strengthen the pioneering role of the Netherlands and published their results in the “National Agenda on Quantum Technology” document.
Mona Keijzer Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy recently received the “National Agenda on Quantum Technology”. The explained the importance of this agenda, “The Netherlands is world leader in quantum technology. With the National Quantum Technology Agenda, there is a strong strategy to remain at the forefront in the following phase as well. In the near future, the government will explore how this strategy can be implemented. I am convinced that quantum is one of the key technologies for our future, one that will contribute to a healthy economy and a better world.”

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The ‘National Agenda on Quantum Technology’ aims to position the Netherlands as a leading international centre and hub for quantum technology: Quantum Delta NL, or QΔNL for short. To this end, the agenda has distinguished four action lines:
**Realising breakthroughs in research and innovation;
**Ecosystem development, market creation and infrastructure;
**Human capital: education, knowledge and skills;
**Starting a dialogue in society on quantum technology.
The National Agenda on Quantum Technology was prepared at the request of the State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate and the top sectors HTSM and ICT, Dutch knowledge institutes and companies. The group outlined what needs to be done in order to achieve their ambitions regarding quantum technology. TNO, QuTech, QuSoft, EZK, NWO, QT/e and the Lorentz Institute, together with AMS-IX, Techleap.nl (formerly StartupDelta) and Microsoft, have taken up this challenge in close consultation with the entire field. A large number of parties from the ‘golden triangle’ (science, government and industry) have been involved in the creation of this agenda.


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