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ID Quantique Launches ID Qube Series for Single-Photon Detection at Telecom Wavelengths

By IQT News posted 03 Feb 2020

(IDQ) ID Quantique (IDQ) has announced the launch of the ID Qube Series, a compact and cost-effective series of modules for single-photon detection at telecom wavelengths.
Modular and versatile, the ID Qube series is a comprehensive range of single-photon detectors designed to meet the requirements of photon counting applications, such as quantum communications & Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), LiDAR, Fluorescence lifetime measurements, dynamic light scattering and many more.
IDQ has developed Plug-and-Play, ultra-low noise and compact modules for single-photon detection applications available either in free-running or gated mode for both asynchronous or synchronous single-photon detection.
Key benefits of the ID Qube:
*Compact design
*Integrated photon counting capabilities
*Ultra-low dark count
*Low jitter
*Free-running & gated modes (fast or slow gating)
*Free-space & fiber-coupled (SMF/MMF) options


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