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Four Recommendations for Quantum Security from Futurist/Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku

By IQT News posted 03 Feb 2020

(Info-security) Dr. Michio Kaku, futurist and theoretical physicist, recently talked of the rise of quantum computing and its deployment in modern society. Saying that after we built the world wide web, television, radio, radar and microwaves “and everything you see in a doctor’s office” the next step will be quantum. “If the first wave was about steam power, the second on electricity, the third on high tech, what will the fourth and fifth be about? The fourth wave we are now entering, it is physics at the molecular level, such as AI, nano and bio technology; then we will see the fifth wave of technology which will be dominated by physics at the atomic level.”
He also said that as the industrial age was powered by oil, the fourth and fifth wave will be powered by data. In the future, every aspect of human behavior, every aspect of human endeavor and every aspect of human enterprise will be reduced to data.”
However, this data can be hacked, and needs to be protected by encryption – and this can be broken with advanced quantum computing. He recommended:
1) Increase the length of your keys, and you can make it more difficult for a quantum computer to crack things
2) Consider symmetric, rather than asymmetric encryption, as symmetric gives you an extra layer of encryption
3) Use increasingly complex trapdoor functions, such as lattice and elliptic curve technologies
4) Use quantum cryptography, use quantum to fight quantum

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