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Fujitsu Spotlighting Its Pending Supercomputer, Human Centered AI, & Digital Annealer

By IQT News posted 24 Jun 2019

(InsideHPC) Fujitsu has been showcasing their pending Fugaku Supercomputer and “the future of Artificial Intelligence” along with their disruptive Digital Annealer. Fujitsu is placing a special focus on Deep Learning, which uses deep and complex neural networks to work on large scale data, helps accelerate training time for AI.
Fujitsu’s disruptive Digital Annealer, Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired computing approach – used to solve previously-insurmountable business challenges has been featured as well. The Digital Annealer optimizes large scale combinatorial challenges, with real-world examples including the optimal sequence of seam welds made by a robotic arm during the manufacturing process on a car chassis, to balancing the risk of a financial portfolio of high value liquid assets in a volatile market, to planning the optimal route for connected vehicles, taking into account traffic conditions in real time.

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