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Fujitsu Spotlighting Its Pending Supercomputer, Human Centered AI, & Digital Annealer

(InsideHPC) Fujitsu has been showcasing their pending Fugaku Supercomputer and “the future of Artificial Intelligence” along with their disruptive Digital Annealer. Fujitsu is placing a special focus on Deep Learning, which uses deep and complex neural networks to work on large scale data, helps accelerate training time for AI.
Fujitsu’s disruptive Digital Annealer, Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired computing approach – used to solve previously-insurmountable business challenges has been featured as well. The Digital Annealer optimizes large scale combinatorial challenges, with real-world examples including the optimal sequence of seam welds made by a robotic arm during the manufacturing process on a car chassis, to balancing the risk of a financial portfolio of high value liquid assets in a volatile market, to planning the optimal route for connected vehicles, taking into account traffic conditions in real time.

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