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Foreseeing the Future Quantum-AI World & Geopolitics

By IQT News posted 25 Sep 2019

(RedAnalysis.org) A world with quantum computers is about to be born. All actors need to take this new future into account, in all its dimensions. This is even truer for those concerned with international security at large. This article is the first of a new series that focuses on understanding the coming quantum-AI world. How will this future world look like? What will be the impacts on geopolitics and international security? When will these changes take place?
Imagining this world of tomorrow drives forward investments in quantum, thus the position in the race for quantum technologies. Second, and relatedly, displaying the right vision of the world of tomorrow will allow for readiness. In turn, that readiness will impact states’ relative power in the international system.
Those countries that will lag behind may well pay a very high price in terms of independence, economic development and wealth, security and capability to protect themselves and their citizens from foreign aggression, etc.
Foreseeing the future quantum-AI world is also particularly difficult. The difficulty to imagine a Quantum-AI powered world results from the need to understand and foresee different layers of changes. We need to foresee not one evolution, or a couple of dynamics and processes, but a myriad of them, as well as their interactions.

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