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Breakthrough Demonstration Brings Quantum Internet Closer to Reality

By IQT News posted 25 Sep 2019

(WallStreetPit) A team of scientist at the Department of Experimental Physics at the University of Innsbruck and at the Austrian Academy of Sciences have managed to achieve a record-breaking transfer of quantum entanglement between matter and light, bringing the possibility of a super-secure quantum internet closer to reality.=
For the first time, light entangled with quantum information covered a distance of 50 kilometers (km) using fiber optic cables. “This is two orders of magnitude further than was previously possible and is a practical distance to start building inter-city quantum networks,” says the Innsbruck-based experimental physicist Ben Lanyon, who led the research.
Such encouraging results that made the new distance a record for entangling light and matter, will pave the way for the practical use of long-range quantum communication. In fact, Lanyon says he and his team now want such a particle to travel through a 100-km-long optical fiber line.

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