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Finnish Researchers Approach Quantum Computing Speed Limit

By IQT News posted 12 Feb 2019

(Sociable.co) The ability to track and control quantum processors in real time is a difficult task, according to Finland’s Aalto University researchers Antti Vepsäläinen, Sergey Danilin, and Sorin Paraoanu. The group of researchers recently described their latest work in approaching the quantum computing speed limit with accuracy.
“To get a useful quantum system, you need to imagine climbing a ladder while holding a glass of water, it works if one does it smoothly — but if you do it too fast the water will be spilled. Certainly this requires a special skill,” said co-author Danilin of their study published in Sciences Advances.
The laws of nature put a restriction on how fast any quantum energy switch can take place, even with short-cuts and this restriction is called the quantum speed limit. In terms of industry disruptions, future applications of this technology can bring about immense change as it deals with a fundamental shift in how we understand and work with energy transfers.

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