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Archer Exploration Exploring Quantum Technology that Allows Qubits to Be Processed at Room Temperature

By IQT News posted 13 Feb 2019

(ProactiveInvestors.com) Archer Exploration Limited’s Dr Mohammad Choucair, has invented the first material known to overcome a known quantum technology limitation by allowing quantum information (quibits) to be processed at room temperatures. Archer is now developing the licensed University of Sydney (USyd) technology which can hold quantum information and allow it to process the quibits at ordinary room temperatures.
Choucair invented a carbon cube for the quibit processing, and Archer and its partners plan to develop a device chip that can process information at room temperature. Critical componentry of the chip is housed in Archer’s wholly-owned subsidiary Carbon Allotropes which the parent company took over in December 2017. Choucair founded the resource exploration company’s advanced materials subsidiary and became Archer CEO at the time of the takeover.

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