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EU’s Cybersecurity Framework Includes Quantum Communication Infrastructure Within Next Decade

By IQT News posted 10 Sep 2019

(Euractiv.com) The new head of the EU’s cybersecurity agency ENISA, Juhan Lepassaar, said he hopes the EU’s recently adopted cybersecurity framework will become the “the new global standard for trust.”
There are plans to modernise the 2008 European Critical Infrastructure Protection Directive and build a European Cybersecurity Shield. More recently, the EU has also made a series of significant steps in attempting to bolster the security of its critical infrastructures. Following talks in June at Bucharest’s Digital Assembly, a grouping of seven EU member states agreed to take the first steps in developing and deploying a quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) across the EU over the next decade.
Pilot projects for Europe’s Quantum Internet plans commenced just last week, with tests due to take place in Austria, Spain, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, UK, Greece and the Czech Republic, over the next three years.
Helmut Leopold, the head of the Centre for Digital Safety and Security at the Austrian Institute of Technology, which is coordinating the project, was unambiguous in the importance of quantum technologies in helping to safeguard Europe’s cyberspace and effectively, ensure that Lepassaar’s commitment to a trustworthy cyberspace comes to fruition. “This will enable an innovative eco-system for creating a new perspective for our secure digital Europe and building the foundation for next-generation communication technologies,” he said.

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