By IQT News posted 27 Nov 2019

( Contributor Kevin Krewell suggests it’s possible we are getting a little too enthused about the reality of quantum computing today. He explains that we are still very much in the earliest stages of quantum computing, a field only invented in the 1980s; there is a long way to go to get to a point where it is going to be used on a regular basis to solve complex problems.
In fact, there is likely to be a future where there are three general types of computing:
1) classical computing,
2) AI computing,
3) quantum computing.
Suggests IBM’s Quantum Volume as a Progress Indicator
IBM has an alternative way to describe the progress of quantum computers – quantum volume. Quantum volume takes into account many different aspects of the quantum computer, not just one calculation.
One of most important things about building future quantum computing is going to be the research investment made into the technology. That’s what made Moore’s Law happen – the continued investment of billions of dollars between the major semiconductor companies and semiconductor equipment makers into developing new process technologies and scaling silicon geometries every few years.

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