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Breaking News: Infleqtion Launches Oqtant, the World’s First Quantum Matter Service to Accelerate the Transition to the Quantum Era

A completed job via the newly released Oqtant plaform hosted by quantum computing company Infleqtion.
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 05 Dec 2023

Infleqtion, a leader in quantum information technology, has launched Oqtant, the world’s first quantum innovation platform available as a service. This groundbreaking platform allows researchers, innovators, and students unparalleled access to quantum matter, opening new possibilities for developing advanced sensors, atomtronic circuits, and enhanced signal processing. Oqtant’s introduction is a game-changer in the field of quantum technology, offering users the ability to create and manipulate matter remotely, essentially democratizing quantum discovery and innovation.

Oqtant harnesses the power of ultracold atom quantum technology, allowing users to interact with Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs), a state of matter where quantum effects dominate. Previously confined to specialized research labs, this technology is now accessible to a wider audience, facilitating deep exploration and innovation in quantum physics. Dana Anderson, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Inflection, emphasized the significance of BECs, likening them to the role of electrons in electronics innovation. “Harnessing quantum matter opens a realm of possibilities and solutions that were previously unimaginable. As we accelerate the adoption of quantum technology, we unlock the potential to transform the world, empowering innovators to address the most pressing challenges we face leveraging the quantum advantage,” Anderson stated in a recent press release.

Oqtant as a Tool for Quantum Sensor Research

Oqtant stands out for its user-friendly interface, educational benefits, cost-efficiency, and powerful control features. It simplifies quantum exploration for users at all skill levels, integrates quantum mechanics into academic curricula, and reduces the cost and time associated with quantum research.

Oqtant is poised to significantly contribute to the research and commercial sectors, particularly in quantum sensor design and development. It has already gained recognition, being named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2022 and winning the 2022 Prism Award in Quantum. Paul Lipman, Chief Commercial Officer at Infleqtion, will present an overview of Oqtant at the Q2B 2023 Silicon Valley conference, and attendees can experience Oqtant firsthand at Infleqtion’s booth.

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