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Branecell Developing Decentralized Quantum Processor Technology

By IQT News posted 17 Sep 2019

(YahooFinance) BraneCell is developing a qubit array material system, aimed at facilitating distributed, ambient quantum coprocessing.
The main players in quantum information processing are among the biggest corporations focused on making ultra-cold, “mainframe” quantum-enhanced cloud products, therefore without edge processing capability. Their remote cloud approach may have limited applications and a limited set of privileged users.
On the other hand, BraneCell’s decentralized quantum coprocessor technology could enable forward-deployed, on-site quantum enhanced processing, a crucial feature for keeping computational results in-house, yet available to more users. Such on-site QPU-based hardware enables fit-for-purpose hybrid systems on a chip. The number of applications for purpose-built, heterogeneous QPU edge systems exceeds quantum cloud services by an order-of-magnitude and together they would fundamentally renew the information technology and semiconductor materials industries.
BraneCell’s leader, Dr. Christopher Papile, noted: “A quantum gestalt is emerging, which challenges our macroscopic-based human intuition. From this gestalt a profound change in society will emerge. Not only will it usher-in Industry 4.0, but also, it has prompted a struggle over the foundation of reality itself.”

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