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ABN AMRO & QuSoft Form Partnership to Explore Quantum Algorithms

By IQT News posted 17 Sep 2019

(CWI.nl) ABN AMRO and QuSoft have formed a two-year partnership to explore future applications of quantum algorithms.
“The name DisQover was chosen for a reason,” explains Shairesh Algoe of ABN AMRO’s Quantum Business and Security Development. “We’re at the start of an entirely new development, one that requires discovery across a broad spectrum. DisQover will seek to accelerate the development and practical use of quantum algorithms by offering generic building blocks in the shape of reusable components for algorithms. That’s what this partnership is all about: experimenting and venturing off the beaten track now, so we’ll be prepared further down the road for the opportunities and threats that quantum technology poses.”
Quantum algorithms allow companies and researchers to enter a whole new world of technological possibilities. In the future, quantum computers could prove highly useful in processing and monitoring data from financial transactions, for example. The need to better understand those possibilities is becoming more pressing as new products and new applications generate ever-increasing volumes of data.

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