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Could Beijing’s Quantum Radar Technology Render Stealth Aircraft Obsolete?

By IQT News posted 26 Jun 2019

(NationalInterest.org) China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) announced last year it had tested quantum radar at ranges of roughly 60 miles. While 60 miles is not particularly huge feat, the fact that such a radar would be able to provide a weapons quality track on a stealth aircraft at those distances is impressive.
Theoretically, quantum radar would be able to detect and track stealth aircraft with impunity, but it is unclear if China truly mastered such technology. Western defense industry officials say that such a system is not likely to exist outside a laboratory. Even then, the quantum radars would be difficult to build and test reliably even in a lab environment.
The fact that Beijing is working hard to counter stealth technology should not come as a surprise.

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