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Researchers in Milan Teleport a Qubit to Solve Real-World Problem by Using AI

By IQT News posted 26 Jun 2019

(CosmosMagazine) Italian researchers led by Enrico Prati of the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnologies in Milan, have shown that it is possible to teleport a quantum bit (or qubit) in what might be called a real-world situation. They succeeded by letting artificial intelligence do much of the thinking.
This is the first time that a class of machine-learning algorithms known as deep reinforcement learning has been applied to a quantum computing problem. “We decided to test the deep learning’s artificial intelligence, which has already been much talked about for having defeated the world champion at the game Go, and for more serious applications such as the recognition of breast cancer, applying it to the field of quantum computers,” Prati says.
“we let artificial intelligence find its own solution, without giving it preconceptions or examples,” Prati says. “It found another solution that is faster than the original one, and furthermore it adapts when there are disturbances.” In other words, he adds, artificial intelligence “has understood the phenomenon and generalised the result better than us”.

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