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Author Sees a Shift Toward Quantum Computing Analogous to Seismic Shift to Classic Computing in 1970s

By IQT News posted 27 Mar 2019

(TheConversation) Author, Christopher Bernhardt, believes that we will see an analogous shift toward quantum computing similar to the seismic shift in the history of computing during the second half of the 1970s. It wasn’t just that computers became much smaller and more powerful–it was the shift in who would use computers and where: They became available to everyone to use in their own home.
Bernhardt believes that enthusiasts will be able to play with quantum computers from their homes sooner than most people realize and this is already possible. In 2016, IBM added a small quantum computer to the cloud. Anyone with an internet connection can design and run their own quantum circuits on this computer. Not only is IBM’s quantum computer free to use, but this quantum computer has a simple graphical interface. It is a small, not very powerful machine, much like the first home computers, but hobbyists can start playing. The shift has begun.
This will open the way for new quantum computing applications that we haven’t yet imagined.

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