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The Future of Quantum Supremacy

By IQT News posted 26 Mar 2019

(IQTBlog) Inside Quantum Technology believes that both quantum and classical devices can work together, complementing each other. Quantum computers allow them to potentially solve certain problems much faster than any supercomputer and we think that practical results will be shown in the next couple of years. This achievement will be based on two important milestones – building a big enough quantum processor and developing sophisticated quantum algorithms.
Inside Quantum Technology will soon be publishing a report on the major computing strategies of the leading vendors.  A summary of the leading industry contenders today follows:
–The three largest companies building quantum computers are Intel, IBM and Google, with quantum processors operating 49, 50 and 72 qubits respectively.
–Microsoft has established seven quantum labs in order to conduct experiments and work on exotic materials, while building a processor boasting 250 qubits.
–Rigetti Computing is another company that might claim the title of being the first to demonstrate quantum supremacy, with a promise in August 2018 to build a 128-qubit processor in the next 12 months.

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