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Atomionics shrinks an atomic lab to bring quantum sensing to the field

By Team Atomionics posted 20 Oct 2023

Atomionics builds a map of the Earth’s crust.

This is accomplished by measuring high resolution gravity data and pairing it with our AI tools to pinpoint and estimate critical resources required for the energy transition. We need 500% more metals for the energy transition. Without these metals, we will not see a future with electric vehicles or lower carbon energy sources. At present, resource exploration is slow and inaccurate but we believe that the future of mining for these metals is targeted exploration and precision surgery. To enable this and help mining companies find more metal, Atomionics is building high resolution quantum gravimeters.

Atomionics is a venture-backed deep tech startup and has miniaturized the sensor of a quantum gravimeter from lab-like proportions to a basketball-sized apparatus. Born at the intersection of quantum physics and precision engineering, GravioTM – our quantum gravimeter – is built to transform field metrology.  This milestone in quantum technology is aimed at bringing about a change in resource exploration and enable the energy industry’s pursuit of a more sustainable future.

At the core of our mission lies the aspiration to democratize access to energy. We aim to make it accessible to tap into the resources underground by rendering exploration cost-effective, cleaner, and quicker.

Cold atom interferometry, the technology behind GravioTM, was first validated in a laboratory setting in 1997, enabling high-precision gravity measurements. We accomplished our own validation process within two years in 2021. Two more years since then, we have successfully demonstrated the operation of our technology in a real-world setting, tackling environmental challenges that are more representative of the device’s actual usage.

Our approach has been to first accurately define real-world challenges before developing the solutions. We always identify and understand the problem statements that the world is facing, which then guides our decision-making process on the technical front. This deliberate alignment with market needs has enabled us to scale down the size of our sensor by 5x from the first version to the third and transition it beyond the controlled environment of a lab.

Our focus on commercialization of quantum sensors underlies this accomplishment of miniaturizing a quantum gravimeter to enable field applications. Current technology in the market is slow, low in resolution, and experiences drift, thus limiting its efficacy to power the exploration necessary to enable the energy transition.

We aim to make it mobile, rapid, and actionable to accelerate resource exploration. This will enable Atomionics to map the subsurface in unprecedented detail, unlocking the vast energy potential beneath our feet. The team making this possible comprises not just strong domain expertise but also wide interdisciplinary capabilities. This is crucial for productization of quantum sensors.

Unlocking the full potential of quantum sensors across diverse applications hinges on the integration of various engineering disciplines. Atomionics recognizes the importance of this synergy in successfully bringing quantum sensing to the masses. In addition to transforming data quality, we are pioneering an AI platform designed to process high-resolution gravity data to generate comprehensive 3D models of the subsurface, thus providing stakeholders with insights into the hidden treasures beneath them.

As we venture into our next phase, we are expanding our team to spearhead advancements in airborne systems, setting the stage for satellite-based sensing. While this path is certainly strewn with challenges, our team is fueled by an unwavering enthusiasm to work on groundbreaking technological advancements. If you are a physicist or an engineer and have a desire to make a global impact by harnessing the latent power of quantum sensing and be a catalyst for positive change, Atomionics may be the right place for you.

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