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01 Communique Announces Virtual Launch of IronCAP X Personal Email Encryption Product on April 23

By IQT News posted 20 Apr 2020

(FinanceYahoo) 01 Communique Laboratory Inc. has announced their new IronCAP X personal usage email encryption product launch and demo on April 23, 2020 will be virtual. The virtual demo will commence at 4:30pm EST following the Company’s annual shareholder meeting which starts at 4:00pm EST. Both the shareholder meeting and the product launch can be accessed using the following link:
Password: ironcap
IronCAP’s X email encryption product will be free for personal usage after April 23rd. Information on IronCAP X can be found at https://www.ironcap.ca/ironcap-x/. The Company’s management team will be available during the demo to answer any questions about the new product.
Andrew Cheung, President of 01 Communique stated, “The Quantum threat is very real, and our IronCAP X product is the protection solution at hand. Right around the globe, governments and organizations are investing billions in technology to hack into each other’s infrastructure. Traditional encryption protection such as RSA, encrypts data using the “prim number factorization’ method which is based on the theory that hackers take 100+ years to crack the code. That all changes with Quantum computers which take only seconds to crack the code and hack in.” Mr. Cheung continued, “These powerful quantum computers will change the world as massive datasets with billions of variables can be analyzed in just seconds. It makes sense to be ready for this and have a quantum proof encryption product such as IronCAP X.”

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