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Published February 2020
Report IQT-ACM-0220

This report surveys the new business opportunities for atomic clocks in the coming decade. We believe this report is needed because the commercial environment is in the process of profound change. While atomic clocks have been around for decades, new...

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Published October 2019
Report IQT-IQN-1019

This report is a strategic guide to quantum networks around the world. Organized on a geographical basis, the report provides profiles of what each country and region is doing to fund and build quantum networks of all kinds. The report covers QKD, mo...

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Published July 2019
Report IQT-QCS-0719

This report is a fundamental strategic guide to what the major companies are planning in both quantum computing hardware and computing software.  It is based on 35 interviews with key influencers at commercial quantum computing companies, as well as...

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Published April 2019
Report IQT-QKD-0419

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is one of two encryption technologies designed to protect critical data in the quantum era.  QKD– in theory at least – leads to intrinsically unbreakable data transmission.  When Inside Quantum Technology publishe...

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Published January 2019
Report #IQT-QS-0119

Quantum sensors are a class of sensors that offer a particularly high level of sensitivity based on certain quantum phenomena, such as quantum de-coherence and quantum entanglement.  Some of these devices – such as PAR sensors – represent relati...

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Published January 2019
Report #IQT-PQT-0119

The market for post-quantum cryptography (PQC) already generates revenue and will expand as quantum computers capable of breaking common public key encryption schemes with Shor’s algorithm become more widely deployed. For now, post-quantum cryptogr...

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Published January 2018
Report #IQT-QT-0118

This report examines the major applications for quantum computing. Questions answered in this report: Which end-user communities will be the first to adopt quantum computing and what is the timeframe in which they will need to migrate from classical ...

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