Influential Quantum Networks: Profiles and Strategies

Report: IQT-IQN-1019
Published October 16, 2019

This report is a strategic guide to quantum networks around the world. Organized on a geographical basis, the report provides profiles of what each country and region is doing to fund and build quantum networks of all kinds. The report covers QKD, mobile/transactional networks, quantum computer networking and quantum clouds, among other quantum network applications.

We look at both production networks that send qubits over long-haul or metropolitan fiber or satellites and experimental networks. The report is based on personal and telephone interviews and attendance at major conferences including a recent ITU quantum network conference at which one of the authors of this report was a featured speaker. We have also utilized insights gained from speakers at Inside Quantum Technology’s own quantum conferences in the US and Europe. Our interviewees include executives at commercial firms, telephone companies and government agencies, as well as academics and government players.

This has been complemented with material from published sources including Inside Quantum Technology’s own industry analysis. We believe that this report provides actionable competitive intelligence and analysis on the state of the quantum networking market and where it is headed in the future.  This report will prove invaluable to business development and marketing executives, as well as product managers in the quantum technology sector. It will also be an essential resource for quantum computing market investors.

Chapter One:  Introduction
1.1 Quantum Network Rollouts: QKD, Quantum Clouds and Quantum Networked Sensors
1.2 Opportunities for Quantum Key Distribution Networks
1.3 Today’s Quantum Computer Cloud Services and Networks
1.3.1 End-Users for Quantum Cloud Services
1.4 Summary of 10-Year Forecasts for Quantum Networks
Chapter Two:  Quantum Networks in Europe
2.1 Funding of Quantum Networking in the EU
2.1.1 CiViQ
2.1.2 The Quantum Internet Alliance
2.1.3 SECOQC
2.1.4 The Impact of the European Networking Environment on Quantum Networking
2.2 Quantum Networking in the UK:  BT, Toshiba, and Cambridge
2.2.1 Communications Hub
2.2.2 NQIT
2.2.3 BT’s Commercial-grade Links
2.2.4 Quantum Network in Cambridge
2.2.5 University of Strathclyde
2.3 The Netherlands: QuTech’s Roadmap for the Quantum Internet
2.4 Quantum Networking in Austria
2.4.1 Collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences
2.4.3 Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
2.5 Quantum Networks Switzerland
2.5.1 University of Geneva
2.5.2 University of Basel
2.6 Quantum Networking in Spain
2.7 Denmark: Center for Hybrid Quantum Networks
Chapter Three: Quantum Networks in Russia
3.1 Quantum Networking in Russia
3.2 Russian Quantum Center
3.2.1 Quantum Hacking Lab
3.3 Russian Railways
3.4 Other Russia Government Projects
3.5 Activities in Russian Universities
3.5.1 ITMO
3.5.2 Moscow State University
Chapter Four: Quantum Networks in China
4.1 Infrastructure: Satellites and Fiber
4.1.1 Hefei Quantum Network
4.1.2 Jinan Quantum Network
4.1.3 Wuhan Quantum Network
4.1.4 Future Networks
4.2 Chinese Satellite Networks
4.3 Notable Applications and Achievements of Chinese Quantum Networks
Chapter Five: Other Quantum Networking Projects in Asia
5.1 University of Singapore:  Centre for Quantum Technologies
5.2 Quantum Networks in South Korea:  SK Telecom
5.2.1 Investment in IDQ
5.2.2 Quantum Network Architecture in Korea
5.2.3 SKT Alliance with Yonsei University Medical Center
5.2.4 Activities in Global standardization:
5.3 Quantum Networks in Japan
5.3.1 NICT:  The research going on in NICT is mainly focused on free-space communication.
5.3.2 NTT
Chapter Six: Quantum Networks in North America
6.1 QuantumXchange: Quantum on the Acela route
6.1.1 Network Architecture
6.1.2 Services Offered
6.2 AT&T and Caltech
6.3 The MIT Lincoln Lab Quantum Network Testbed
6.4 Role of the Hudson Institute
6.5 Recent Developments at the US National Laboratories: The Chicago Quantum Exchange
6.6 Canadian Quantum Networks:  QEYSSat
6.6.1 Funding
6.6.2 Development and planning
Chapter Seven: Quantum Networks in Australia
7.1 Quintessence Labs
7.2 CQC2T

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