(TechCrunch) Q-CTRL and Quantum Machines have announced a new partnership that will see Quantum Machines integrate Q-CTRL‘s quantum firmware into Quantum Machines’ Quantum Orchestration hardware and software solution.
Quantum Machines offers an integrated software/hardware stack through its Quantum Orchestration platform that uses specialized classical hardware to allow complex algorithms to run on quantum computers, Q-CTRL offers the quantum control infrastructure software — basically the firmware for quantum computers — that helps users calibrate their processors and reduce noise and the errors that come with it.
“We knew that there was fantastic contact between the problems that each team was solving with the quantum controllers and the pulse processors that Quantum Machines was building — and the quantum control solutions that Q-CTRL was building — and really, because I have an academic background I spent the last 20 years in this field, my academic team builds quantum computing hardware,” Q-CTRL founder and CEO Michael J. Biercuk said. “I knew from the combination of that and my motion into founding a startup that the DIY approach of do everything yourself, with total vertical integration, that’s so common in academia, just does not work in this field.”