(InsideQuantumTechnology-News) InsideQuantumTechnology is announcing a new interview series that will appear bi-weekly in this, your daily newsletter. IQT’s daily newsletter summarizes the quantum tech news of the day or the week. The interviews will be lengthy in-depth and extensive.
The first interview will appear here tomorrow and is with Bo Ewald, CEO of ColdQuanta.
The interview series will be in tune with IQT’s emphasis on the commercialization of quantum technology. The questions will be designed to offer comprehensive insights from the leaders of the emerging quantum tech business ecosystem. The interviewees will provide us with information about their respective companies along with experienced perspectives on the commercial future of different areas of quantum technology.
IQT is bringing you, our readership, yet another way to learn about the opportunities available today as well as future applications of quantum tech for businesses and government.
Interview and Newsletter Editor will be Sandra Kay Helsel, PhD., IQT newsletter and experienced strategic communicator.