(TheAseanPost) The race to build the most sophisticated quantum computers is on with international players. Alibaba has launched an 11-qubit quantum computing cloud service via its Aliyun (“Alibaba Cloud”) subsidiary and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is publicly available and according to Aliyun’s chief scientist, Yaoyun Shi, it would enhance the capabilities of researchers wanting to experiment in real world quantum processes. The Chinese e-commerce giant has also developed the Alibaba Quantum Laboratory (AQL) launched in 2015 along with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Recently, AQL released a 15-year roadmap detailing ambitious plans to build quantum computing prototypes of 50-100 qubits by 2030.
On the US front, IBM has managed to successfully build a quantum computer which can handle 50-qubits. Google’s Quantum AI Lab has also achieved success by building Bristlecone, a new quantum processor which is able to process quantum information with a low error rate.

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