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Zurich Instruments announces the appointment of Andrea Orzati as its new Chief Executive Officer.

By Zurich Instruments posted 28 May 2024

Zurich Instruments, a leader in quantum technology and test & measurements instrumentation, has officially announcesd the appointment of Andrea Orzati as its new Chief Executive Officer. As an accomplished business leader, Andrea succeeds Sadik Hafizovic, the company founder, to fully realize Sadik’s vision of scaling up.

Sadik Hafizovic has developed Zurich instruments from a start-up that launched cutting-edge lock in amplifiers to a major test & measurement player, and a leading instrumentation provider for quantum computing.

Andrea Orzati’s professional life has been focused on growing businesses and scaling up organizations in the technology sector. Andrea started his career at u-blox, held strategic and executive roles at Sensirion, and served TEQABLE as a board member.

“Zurich Instruments has always been committed to excellence in its innovation, people and products. Andrea’s appointment as the new CEO is a step toward excellence in scaling up. His expertise and dedication are key in overcoming the challenge of keeping the organization focused, innovative, and getting the organization’s development right while the company doubles in size again”, says Sadik Hafizovic.

Innovation and science have been the drivers of Zurich Instruments since its foundation in 2008. The company takes pride in the exceptionally high density of scientists employed in various roles. Andrea Orzati continues this tradition: he obtained his PhD at the ETH Zurich, as well as an EMBA at the HEC Lausanne.

“As a former scientist, I am proud to work in a company that has launched the first commercially available quantum computing control system, and I am fascinated with the scale-up challenge in the community. Exciting times are ahead of us! The vision of Zurich Instruments as a company of scientists for scientists continues, but with an increased ability to deliver cutting-edge hardware, software, and services to a wider scientific community”, concludes Andrea Orzati.

Zurich Instruments is a Swiss company with a passion for phenomena that are often notoriously difficult to measure. We lead the challenge by developing cutting-edge hardware and software for quantum computing control systems, lock-in amplifiers, impedance analyzers, and arbitrary waveform generators. As a company of scientists for scientists, we tackle challenges of research by providing a wide product portfolio that reduces the complexity of laboratory setups, unlocks new measurement strategies, and complies to Swiss quality standards. Our commitment to collaborations and real-time support is reflected in seven offices worldwide, numerous research partnerships, and thousands of publications referring to Zurich Instruments. Since 2021, Zurich Instruments has been a part of Rohde & Schwarz, and continues its sustainable growth to advance science and accelerate the second quantum revolution.



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