By IQT News posted 24 Sep 2020

( Zapata announced Orquestra’s full commercial release today, making the software more accessible to enterprise, government, and academic teams. Orquestra is Zapata’s end-to-end, unified software platform for designing and running quantum circuits.
The full release brings with it some key developments. First, you will now have access to Honeywell’s 6-qubit quantum computer, the System Model HØ, making it the first platform to provide what they call “value-added access to Honeywell’s system”. This will allow you to run quantum workflows directly on the firm’s quantum computer using Orquestra.
Orquestra now also integrates with quantum hardware from IBM and Amazon Braket, allowing you to run your algorithms across a range of quantum hardware. The inclusion of Amazon Braket extends your reach to trapped ion processors from IonQ, and superconducting quantum processors from Rigetti as well.
The original cohort of features in Orquestra will be integrated into the full release too.

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