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Zapata Computing Announces Early Access to Orquestra™ Unified Quantum Operating Environment

By IQT News posted 23 Apr 2020

(GlobeNewsWire) Zapata Computing has announced an Early Access Program to Orquestra™, its end-to-end platform for quantum-enabled workflows™. Providing the most software- and hardware-interoperable, enterprise quantum toolset, Orquestra enables advanced technology, R&D and academic teams to accelerate quantum solutions for complex computational problems in optimization, machine learning and simulation across a variety of industries. With extensive support and guidance from Zapata experts, Orquestra will allow teams to accelerate their work in quantum.
“I am thrilled Zapata is the first to market with a unified Quantum Operating Environment where users can build, run and analyze quantum and quantum-inspired workflows. This toolset will empower enterprises and institutions to make their quantum mark on the world, enabling them to develop quantum capabilities and foundational IP today while shoring up for derivative IP for tomorrow,” says CEO Christopher Savoie. “It is a new computing paradigm, built on a unified enterprise framework that spans quantum and classical programming and hardware tools. With Orquestra, we are accelerating quantum experiments at scale.”
Orquestra is agnostic across the entire software and hardware stack. It offers the most extensible library of open source and Zapata-created components for writing, manipulating and optimizing quantum circuits and running them across quantum computers, quantum simulators and classical computing resources. It comes equipped with a versatile workflow system and APIs to connect all modes of quantum devices.
Click thru source URL from globe news wire for complete list of Orquestra features.

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