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Zapata CEO Savoie Discusses Quantum Machine and Machine Learning in Interview

By IQT News posted 13 Jul 2020

(VentureBeat) VentureBeat interviews Zapata CEO Christopher Savoie about what his company was trying to achieve. He made sure to mention, multiple times, that Zapata had Fortune 100 customers. Among other topics, he discussed the business use case of quantum computing and where machine learning fits in.
Zapata is expecting that quantum computing will change the future of AI, especially when it comes to machine learning. “AI itself, but more appropriately machine learning, already has a very horizontal applicability,” Savoie explained. “But the places where quantum is going to really help, I think, initially, one of the main places is in generative modeling.”
Savoie believes the time component of ML training, and therefore also the accuracy of the training, is going to see a step function change as QC becomes more powerful. Furthermore, some of those techniques will soon be tractable in production on classical systems, he asserted. One customer that he refused to name is currently developing a system for optimization work using machine learning and quantum-inspired algorithms.
Zapata does not have any customers using ML algorithms on quantum computers in production. The company’s Orquestra platform is currently in beta. But its customers are using it to build systems that will go into production in the near term, Savoie insists.
The companies that can are investing now in QC and ML because the potential is massive. Savaoie closed by saying, “It’s really a great thing for us that people are willing to make that investment because they see it now. It’s very real. It’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of timing that nobody knows. But it’s not 10 years. That’s for sure.”

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