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Xanadu is a Gold Sponsor for IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim 2024

Xanadu, a quantum computing company, is a Gold Sponsor for IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim in June 2024.
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 06 Mar 2024

Xanadu, a leading quantum computing company, has recently announced its gold sponsorship for the Inside Quantum Technology‘s conference, IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim, scheduled for June 2024. This prestigious event, set to take place in Vancouver, aims to bring together the brightest minds and leading companies in the quantum technology sector. Xanadu’s commitment as a gold sponsor highlights its pivotal role in developing and applying quantum computing technologies.

Inside Quantum Technology‘s conferences are renowned for their comprehensive agendas that cover the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the quantum technology landscape. This event is a crucial platform for networking, collaboration, and sharing insights among professionals, researchers, and industry leaders. Xanadu’s participation is particularly significant, given its reputation for groundbreaking research and development in quantum computing. As a gold sponsor, Xanadu will have the opportunity to showcase its latest achievements, engage with other industry pioneers, and contribute to the advancement of quantum technologies on a global scale.

As the conference approaches, anticipation is building for what promises to be an enlightening and inspiring event. With Xanadu adding its strong leadership, IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim is set to be a milestone occasion that further accelerates the progress of quantum technology. This collaboration marks a significant moment in the industry as stakeholders from across the globe come together to explore the future of quantum computing and its potential to revolutionize various sectors.

IQT Vancouver · Pacific Rim 2024: Quantum Computing, Communications and Security — Pathways to Real World Solutions.

With Vancouver as North America’s gateway to the Pacific Rim, IQT and the Quantum Algorithms Institute are bringing together partners across North America and Asia to showcase the state of quantum computing, communications, and security. This international conference moves beyond the quantum hype to profile quantum computing, communications technologies, and quantum expertise in real-world settings. Sessions will highlight practical applications of quantum algorithms and networking in pharmaceuticals, transportation, finance, and more industries. Attendees will include industry and government executives, end-users, and investors who will learn about the latest developments in these technologies, pathways for companies to get ready for quantum solutions, and ethics and policy considerations in this fast-growing industry.

Register for the IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim Conference here. 

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