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Xanadu & CMC Microsystems Approve Five Quantum Computing Projects to Receive Ongoing Support

By IQT News posted 08 Feb 2021

(EPT.ca) CMC Microsystems and Xanadu Quantum Technologies, recently announced a partnership agreement to sponsor development of applications for quantum computing. The Xanadu Quantum Sandbox, was created by the two organizations to support the creation of new applications for quantum computing.Now the collaboration has announced five projects that will receive ongoing support. Those are

  1. Professor Chris Beck, University of Toronto, Building Quantum Schedules in the Sand; Combinational Optimization, Resource Allocation and Scheduling in the Xanadu Sandbox
  2. Professor Sonia Lopez Alarcom, RIT, Design Space of Heterogeneous Quantum Computing
  3. IFF Technologies, University of California, Davis, Diffusion Based Analysis of a Biosystem Using Gaussian Boson Sampling
  4. Professor Stephen Hughes, Queens University, Stochastic Electrodynamic Simulations Using the Xanadu Quantum Cloud
  5. Professor Shengrui Wang, Université de Sherbrooke with Laplace Insights, Graph Analysis of Financial Markets

These five special projects will receive:
–access to Xanadu quantum computers,
–up to six months of free cloud time on Xanadu systems,
–support from quantum programming experts at CMC and Xanadu.
–guidance on applying for government funding to support further development

“We’re thrilled to be able to provide access to our photonic quantum processors via the Xanadu Quantum Cloud for such a diverse and pioneering set of applications” said Christian Weedbrook, Xanadu founder and CEO. “Our vision for Canada to become a global leader in quantum computing is shared by our partners at CMC and we’re looking forward to working together to support this initiative” Weedbrook concluded.

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