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World Economic Forum Calls for Creation of Global Community of Stakeholders Committing to Safe & Secure Quantum Applications

By IQT News posted 12 Aug 2020

(WorldEconomicForum) The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling for the creation of a global community of stakeholders committed to promoting safe and secure quantum applications. The WEF explains that alongside their promise, quantum computers could threaten the security on which our digital ecosystem is built. The WEF says the foundations of this new security paradigm are already in place – but there are barriers to clear first.
A quantum security coalition will be a global community of those who are committed to promoting the safe and secure adoption of new quantum applications, promoting better quantum literacy among global leaders, and accelerating a secure global ecosystem, including quantum security technology, that will be able to unlock the true value and potential of this technology securely.
The following examples of potential applications will play a critical role in building trust in the digital ecosystem.:
1. Quantum key distribution technology uses quantum effects to protect the most critical and vulnerable link in the security chain: the exchange of encryption keys between parties.
2. Quantum effects can also be harnessed to deliver high-speed streams of truly random (known as full entropy) bits, which can be used to construct high-quality encryption keys.

Within the security field we see two main barriers that the wider community needs to address:
Barrier 1: Maturity and standards
Barrier 2: Building the quantum security ecosystem

CONCLUSION: It is imperative that the cybersecurity community begins to build and accelerate its adoption of quantum security technology, and to move its value from the technical to the transformative space.

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