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William Zeng, Head of Quantum Research, Goldman Sachs, Has Agreed to Present on “The Debate on Quantum Advantage” October 27 at IQT Europe 

By IQT News posted 12 Oct 2020

(IQT.Europe) William Zeng, Head of Quantum Research, Goldman Sachs, has agreed to present on the panel “The Debate on Quantum Advantage” at 8:20 EDT on October 27.  Dr. Zeng is a quantum computer scientist who leads the quantum computing research group at Goldman Sachs. He has worked on quantum computing in academia, industry, and non-profits, founding the Unitary Fund and serving as a Visiting Scholar at Stanford. Previously he was an early employee at Rigetti Computing where he ran product and software teams to launch their first quantum computers. He received his Ph.D. in quantum algorithm from Oxford and his BSc in Physics at Yale University.

The Debate on Quantum Advantage
8:20 am; October 27
Moderator: Lawrence Gasman
Speaker 1: Joseph Emerson — Founder and CEO of Quantum Benchmark, Fellow, CIFAR Quantum Information Science Program, Institute for Quantum Computing & Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo
Speaker 2: Lieven Vandersypen — Co-Founder of QuTech, Co-Director of the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience and Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Professor at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Speaker 3: Robert Sutor — IBM Research – VP – IBM Quantum Ecosystem Development
Speaker 4: William Zeng — Head of Quantum Research, Goldman Sachs

The IQT Europe event will provide presentations by exhibitors as well as numerous opportunities to network with fellow attendees and to have one-on-one discussions with exhibitors. Exhibitors will be presented live and attendees will be able to conduct live one-to-one meetings.

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About the Event:

This is Inside Quantum Technology’s fourth conference on the commercialization of quantum technology. Quantum technology has come a long way since we held the first ever quantum technology conference almost two years ago in Boston and our first European quantum technology conference in The Hague:

  • This conference is a continuation of IQT’s European shows and, as always, we are running it in conjunction with our partner, QuTech (founded by the Technical University Delft and the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research). The European orientation of this conference is reflected in many of our speakers who will come from both the leading European multinationals as well as European based quantum startups. There will also be speakers from both the EU and individual European governments.
  • Inside Quantum Technology Europe will be focused on the practicalities of implementing quantum technology in the real world. We will hear from end-user firms, technology firms and policy makers on making quantum technology a reality.

Six Reasons for Attending:

  • Enhance your knowledge of quantum technology commercialization in Europe.
  • Learn from the best.
  • Network with your peers.
  • Make long-term relationships.
  • Present your ideas, skills and new products.
  • Latest conferencing platform.

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