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Why the Future of Encryption is in Crypto-Diversification, Not Just Crypto-Agility

By Quantum Xchange posted 27 Oct 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptography, buzzwords fly thick and fast. Over the past few years, one term has dominated discussions – crypto-agility. Touted as a solution for the world’s cryptographic ills, it promises enterprises the capability to swiftly modify or replace cryptographic algorithms and libraries in a structured, adaptable fashion. While undoubtedly beneficial, I’ve realized that relying solely on crypto-agility is like building a fortress with only one wall.

Advisory firm Deloitte wrote in 2021 that as agile software delivery approaches become the norm, organizations should extend that agility to cryptographic governance. In doing so, it argued, more flexible businesses are created that can pivot to ‘reprioritize in response to evolving security threats.’

But as with anything in the fast-moving technology space, crypto-agility also has its shortcomings. To mitigate these, organizations need to look beyond the buzzwords and embrace a broader approach to encryption, one that talks to crypto-diversification.

The limitations of crypto-agility

Think of crypto-agility as a reactive mechanism. The rapid adaptation or switch of encryption algorithms only occurs post-breach or once a vulnerability surfaces. It inherently perpetuates a ‘crypto monoculture’ that exposes networks to single points of failure. Think software glitches, weak entropy sources, subpar programming, or flawed implementation, among others. The threats aren’t limited to conventional challenges; even the quantum world’s vulnerabilities cast their shadow. What about outdated quantum-susceptible algorithms or post-quantum cryptographies that don’t live up to the hype?

I’ve often reflected on these pitfalls and realized that crypto-agility, while a step in the right direction, can only get us so far. It tends to address the symptoms, not the root causes. Yet, a mere alteration isn’t enough. Instead, we must conduct a comprehensive reassessment and rethink our actions going forward.

The power of crypto-diversification

This is where crypto-diversification becomes important. Diversifying cryptographic risk encompasses more than simply maintaining flexible cryptographic systems. It emphasizes understanding the entire spectrum of vulnerabilities and actively implementing redundancy to ensure continuous, comprehensive protection.

Consider the role of tools like Quantum Xchange’s CipherInsights.
These are instrumental in cryptographic discovery, highlighting both sanctioned and unsanctioned encryption methods across networks. By diversifying our cryptographic methods and continuously monitoring the operational environment, we can proactively eliminate single points of failure that plague contemporary encryption practices. This approach, compared to the agility-focused method, provides an encompassing security blanket, preventing future challenges from ever taking root.

Shaping the future

Just as enterprises diversify an investment portfolio, spreading cryptographic risk across multiple channels ensures that redundancy is created and risk mitigated. And as we look ahead to the quantum age, the importance of diversification becomes even more vital.

With quantum computing already threatening to disrupt existing cryptographic safeguards, a purely agile approach is insufficient. The shift from public key encryption (PKE) to post-quantum cryptography (PQC), for instance, underscores the magnitude of upcoming changes. Our encryption methods must be diversified enough to withstand both the challenges of today and the quantum threats of tomorrow.

It’s no longer just about having the ability to quickly change algorithms after recognizing vulnerabilities. We must break through the crypto monoculture that’s become all too common. A proactive, diversified approach is our best bet against the plethora of threats looming on the horizon.

An exciting journey ahead

Accurately calculating or gauging how the implementation of crypto-diversification enterprise-wide is done becomes a central component of this theme. However, doing this will empower enterprises to future-proof their cryptographic infrastructures economically and efficiently while not opening themselves up to the constraints of a crypto monoculture.

The quantum era is on our doorstep, and the stakes are higher than ever. We must recognize that while crypto-agility forms a crucial foundation, it is crypto-diversification that will truly safeguard our digital future. As we gear towards a world reliant on quantum technologies, let’s not just adapt but innovate and lead. The world of encryption is vast and intricate, but with the right tools, knowledge, and approach, we can navigate it confidently. Let’s embark on this journey towards a more secure, diversified cryptographic landscape together.

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Authored by Vince Berk


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