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Where Quantum Computing Can Help Your Business

By IQT News posted 10 Sep 2020

(IT.Pro.co.uk) Quantum computing has reached the point where it’s time for businesses to start considering their options so they can gain a competitive advantage.
There are four main areas that are already a focus of attention. Cybersecurity is the obvious first one, because if quantum computers render existing encryption worthless, they can also be used to produce more secure algorithms, random number generators and keys that can’t be defeated by their own processing prowess. The other areas revolve around the capacity quantum computing has for comparing lots of different possibilities and finding the optimum one.
Logistics is another obvious beneficiary. Traffic management, delivery route optimisation, and other traffic-related problems are finding potential quantum solutions, with Daimler and Honda already aiming to acquire quantum computers for these kinds of activities. Similarly, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and materials science can optimise their processes, such as the manufacturing supply chain. Existing quantum computers with just 50 qubits are delivering good results for applications such as protein folding and new drug formula discovery.
This article also provides overview explanations of “What is quantum computing” intended to introduce a business reader to the underlying principles.

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