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What Toshiba’s Investment In AI And Quantum Cryptography Means For The Company

By IQT News posted 13 Aug 2020

(AnalyticsIndia) Toshiba is emphasizing its core strength of industrial applications using state-of-the-art technology research and development.
AI and quantum cryptography seem to be the main highlight as it is aiming to spend about 34 billion yen ($321 million) on a new R&D unit in Japan. As part of this new building complex, a part of the present R&D centre in Kawasaki, near Tokyo will be renovated for the first time after, since its inception sixty years ago.
The new unit aims to accommodate 3000 staff members who will work on various AI projects and quantum cryptography to find business applications. The construction will commence in January 2022 as per a Nikkei report and will be inaugurated in 2023.
Toshiba Corporation is the key member of a joint project of 12 Japanese organisations which aims to advance Japan’s quantum cryptography communication technology to the highest level globally. The project has a planned budget of 1.44 billion yen ($13 million), and Toshiba will be leading the research.
The project, commissioned and supported by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), will soon begin research and development of a Global Quantum Cryptography Communications Network.
Toshiba has been working on cryptographic research for three decades, beginning in 1991 when the company built a research laboratory at Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The company has achieved feats such world’s first quantum cryptography communication at one-month-average key distribution speeds, exceeding 10 Mbps over installed optical fibre lines.
Toshiba is also now executing field tests with partner companies around the globe toward achieving practical use cases for the technology. It is also working to advance the integration of 5G and networking technology with quantum cryptography.

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