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What is entangled photon transmission?

By Carrousel Digital posted 24 Oct 2023

What is entangled photon transmission?
It is a way to transmit data by modifying the polarization properties of one of the two entangled photons. They are thus each sent to two different devices. The polarization of the two photons is only decided when the nearest device is reached by the photon sent to it. The polarization is decided by the absorption of the photon in one of two adjustable perpendicular states among many other possible, depending on the data that needs to be sent. The polarization of the second photons is read on the second device…

Can this method make exchanges more secure ?
Yes, similar to QKD, one can check that the conversation has not been listened to.

Is it the same as QKD ?
QKD can also entangle photons. But QKD does not transmit any information, it in fact creates a random information shred at two different places.

How are photons transmitted?
Optical fibers can transmit photons over a distance of approximately 100 km. Statistical counts of the states of received photons can help determine what information was sent.
They can also be sent through free space, for example from a satellite. The main limit to the distance is then set by the precision of the lens which transmits the photons.

Does the distance between the two devices impact the transmission speed? 
The photons are entangled and therefore the polarization of the second photon is immediately fixed according to the polarization of the first regardless of the distance separating them.  What will be the concrete applications of this new device? All the systems developed by Carrousel Digital are complementary. Secure communication using entangled photons and optical routers as described below can  facilitate their implementation. However, this technology can be used for safe data transmission between work-stations, between CPU and of course for any data transmission currently processed by optical fibers. It can also be used with satellites to for instance create a worldwide network of fast and secure data transmission.

Carrousel Digital’s patent on passive optical router
Carrousel Digital has obtained a patent on a passive optical router which will allow photons to be routed within a network and which therefore facilitates the secure photon communication of our other patent. These technologies can then be used to transport information quickly and securely within a home or office.

Carrousel Digital:
Carrousel Digital, in the United Kingdom, has been promoting patents and designing, in partnership with Marbeuf Conseil et Recherche, security systems to improve payment security and data transmission in a post-quantum computing era since 2019. Its schemes include a quantum safe Single Use Key e-signature, an internet based  One Time key updating system and Moneytak, a e-cash system ; other security devices described on its web site www.carrouseldigital.com.  Some of its advertised schemes have obtained a patent title while some other schemes are still being examined in some jurisdictions.

Previously, the company, under the name Carrousel Capital Limited, specialized in the field of investment fund management.  Bio Express:Bruno Sanglé-Ferrière, engineer from the Centrale des Arts et Manufacture school in Paris, began his career at Société Générale as a trader. Today, he is president of Marbeuf Conseil et Recherche and director of Carrousel Digital. www.carouseldigital.com

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