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Watertight Security Innovations Coming from Europe’s Quantum Flagship

By IQT News posted 31 Jul 2019

(EuroNews) Watertight security is just one of the innovations coming from Europe’s Quantum Flagship, with other technologies like quantum computing also on the horizon.
Hugo Zbinden, Quantum Physicist at the University of Geneva, is leading a project called QRANGE aiming to make quantum random number generators smaller, faster and less expensive so that they can be easily integrated into everyday digital devices. He demonstrated “a quantum random number generator which generates millions of bits per second, and can be integrated into smartphones, and used in many applications” to Jeremy Wilks, author of the article summarized here.
“The chip itself may be, but it will be integrated into a more complex system, and you could still imagine that there are some problems in implementation. But the basics, the physics, is unhackable,” Zbinden says.
In Barcelona, scientists are working on the next step, the quantum internet. At the ICFO Institute of Photonic Sciences, the team showed Wilks a prototype of this new kind of web, where messages are sent via a few photons, and any attempt to intercept communication will always be detected.
Businesses are being built around this emerging quantum technology as it moves from the lab to the marketplace, including Quside, founded by Quantum Flagship alumni Carlos Abellán. He says we should expect to see quantum random number generators everywhere.
The Quantum Flagship is coordinated by VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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