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VTT develops technologies to scale up quantum computers

By Team VTT posted 01 Jun 2023

Finland has a unique quantum ecosystem that is focused on research and development of emerging quantum technologies. At VTT, we are exploring the potential impact of quantum technologies together with our partners and customers. Our primary focus lies in developing technologies to scale up quantum computers and eventually enable quantum advantage.

Finland has a unique quantum ecosystem which started emerging already in the 1960s when Olli Lounasmaa established the cold physics laboratory at Aalto university. Today, thanks to companies like IQM and Bluefors, Finland is one of the few countries in the world that can build a quantum computer with fully domestic expertise.

At VTT, we have been developing superconductive technologies for over thirty years for commercial applications. Since then, our research and development activities have expanded to other areas of quantum technologies and today we employ over 50 persons who are primarily focused on conducting research and development in the field of quantum technologies.

We develop technologies to scale up quantum computers. Currently, quantum computers are limited in terms of the number of qubits, which restricts the types of problems they can solve. We develop enabling technologies, such as integrated photonics, superconducting amplifiers, and detectors to help quantum computer developers to build larger quantum computers. We contribute to making quantum computing more powerful and capable of solving more complex problems.

State of the art infrastructure enables innovation

Thanks to VTT’s in-house quantum computers, our researchers are able to access the lowest levels of software and learn how to operate a quantum computer. We have the possibility to develop methods also for qubit control and calibration. Our 5-qubit quantum computer Helmi, a superconductive quantum computer co-developed together with IQM, is connected to CSC’s LUMI supercomputer, which makes it possible for us and for our partners and clients to experiment with hybrid algorithms and develop use-case specific quantum computer software.

We also have an in-house R&D cleanroom where we manufacture superconducting components like TWPAs (tunneling wave parametric amplifiers) and SQUIDs, but also integrated photonic circuits (PICs). We also have extensive cryogenic measurement infrastructure that enables us to develop and test new superconducting qubits and other cryogenic components.

The R&D activities of our quantum computer hardware include development of superconductive technologies, 3D integration methods, interfacing circuits to intermediate temperatures, as well as enabling technologies. One of the most fascinating projects we are currently working on is to bring on-chip coolers from research state to industry ready. We also conduct research in the field of quantum sensing such as SQUID based circuit development for magnetometry.

VTT is a central player in quantum technology both in Europe and in Finland

VTT plays a significant role in the European Quantum Flagship program, serving as the coordinator for Qu-Pilot and as a partner in Qu-test and OpenSuperQ+​. In Finland, we are coordinating the construction of the Finnish quantum Key Distribution (QKD) test network NaQCi.fi​. And the Helmi-LUMI connection enables development of quantum-classical hybrid algorithms.

VTT a Silver Sponsor at IQT Nordics 2023 June 6-8

The Finnish quantum institute InstituteQ is a collaboration between VTT, Aalto University, and the University of Helsinki. InstituteQ is focused on advancing the development of quantum technologies by bringing together the unique expertise and resources of these institutions. Together, we are working to develop new quantum technologies, educate the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers, and support the growth of the quantum industry in Finland. VTT is also leading the Finnish quantum business ecosystem BusinessQ, which brings together companies interested in quantum technology in Finland.

VTT’s innovations have a central role in revolutionizing industries – let’s join forces

Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize a range of industries from finance and healthcare to cybersecurity and logistics. By developing new technologies to scale up quantum computers, VTT helps to accelerate the development of quantum technology and unlocks new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Finland already is a global hub for quantum technology development. VTT together with companies and the domestic ecosystem can further strengthen and grow this position.

We want to lead the way in the development of quantum technology and constantly seek out new challenges. Reach out to us and let’s collaborate and brainstorm on how to pool our resources and expertise to create cutting-edge quantum technology innovations. Let’s work towards shaping the future of quantum technology together. www.vttresearch.com

One of the most fascinating projects we are currently working on is to bring on-chip coolers from research state to industry ready.

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