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Volkswagen Is Starting To Bring Quantum Computing into Real World Uses

By IQT News posted 19 Jul 2021

(CarBuzz) Volkswagen is dedicated to being a leader in tech, and it’s now employing quantum computers to help it streamline production and order processes.
Volkswagen has been involved in the quantum computing field since 2016 and has implemented the technology in projects dealing with real-time traffic routing.
The company has even brought quantum computing into its paint booths, where computers use algorithms to maximize the paint shop efficiency without slowing assembly. The company has also started using quantum computing to set pricing for its vehicles, and to determine where to place electric charging stations for maximum effectiveness.
“Everything we learn now can give us an advantage in the future. Some challenges and questions in fields like material science may only be solvable through quantum computing. In other areas, we can take a problem that might require a week of classical computing power and finish it in a day or less.” said Florian Neukart, Director, Volkswagen Group Data. As we start to discover how quantum computing can benefit humankind as a whole, VW has a clear advantage over its competitors. “We’re not interested in doing research for research’s sake. We want to bring this technology into the real world,” Neukart concluded.

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