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US Military in Jeopardy of Falling Behind Russia & China in Weapons & Technology Including Quantum Computing, AI and Hypersonics

By IQT News posted 06 Jul 2020

(YahooNews) The U.S. military is in jeopardy of falling behind Russia and China in some crucial areas of weapons and technology, including hypersonics, AI and quantum computing, according to senior Congressional leaders.
“China increased its military spending by 83 percent from 2009 to 2018. Over essentially the same time frame, Russia grew its defense budget by 35 percent,” Inhofe said. He made the point that Russian and Chinese military expansion was by no means limited to size and scope but, perhaps of equal or greater significance, massively invested in technological progress.
Senator Jim Inhofe, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, issued a straightforward message to both Russia and China from the Senate floor June 25th while making a case for a strong 2021 military budget, flatly saying “there is no way you can defeat us—so don’t even try.”
Inhofe provided a lot of detail about strategic, political, economic and military concerns regarding both Russia and China, citing massive increases in the military budgets of both countries.
A strong, growing military budget prioritizing near-term modernization as well as longer-term oriented science and technology research are needed for the innovations to win any future war. Along these lines, Inhofe did say progress was being made with respect to a number of needed technical leaps forward.

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