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UNSW Research Confirms Future of Silicon for Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 20 May 2019

(TheWeek) Researchers have measured the accuracy of two-qubit logic operations in silicon for the first time–an advance that may help develop full-scale quantum processor. The team used a technique that can assess qubit accuracy across all technology platforms—demonstrating an average two-qubit gate fidelity, or accuracy, of 98 per cent. The advance cleared a crucial hurdle to making silicon quantum computers a reality, according to the University of New South Wales study published in the journal Nature.
The researchers said the study is further proof that silicon as a technology platform is ideal for scaling up to the large numbers of qubits needed for universal quantum computing. Given that silicon has been at the heart of the global computer industry for almost 60 years, its properties are already well understood and existing silicon chip production facilities can readily adapt to the technology.

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