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Universal Quantum Building a Modular Quantum Computer Using Microwave Technology

By IQT News posted 17 Jun 2020

(BBC.com) Universal Quantum, recently receiving £3.6m in early funding is competing against tech giants to deliver a machine that solves problems beyond current super-computers. “We have a very unique technology solution and without doubt Google and IBM will take notice,” said Professor Winfried Hensinger.
In 2017, a University of Sussex team published a “blueprint” of a new way to build a modular quantum computer, using microwave technology used in mobile phones instead of lasers. “We can now make the next step and actually build machines based on this technology,” Prof Hensinger says.
Village Global, which is backed by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, is among a group of investors to back the project.
It said Universal Quantum was the only company to demonstrate it could make the technology work without the need for “millions of lasers, which quickly becomes unfeasible at scale”.

Universal Quantum Emerges from Stealth with Oversubscribed £3.6 Million Seed-Funding Round

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