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UK’s Quantum Hubs Led by Universities of York, Glasgow, Oxford & Birmingham

By IQT News posted 20 Jun 2019

(FENews.co.uk) The total UK investment through the National Quantum Technologies Programme is set to pass a major £1 billion investment milestone. As part of the £270 million investment of the UK national quantum technologies programme, EPSRC funded a national network of Quantum Technology Hubs. This was a £120 million investment in four hubs that will explore the properties of quantum mechanics and how they can be harnessed for use in technology. The UK’s Quantum Hubs are led by the Universities of York, Glasgow, Oxford and Birmingham.
The National Quantum Computing Centre will speed up development in this area and allow businesses to explore the applications of these new technologies. The effort will encourage business involvement early on. To move the effort forward, the initiative will ensuring that industry understands how they will be affected by these new technologies. Part of the mission of the Hub is to help firms shape these new technologies so that when they hit the market they will meet business’s needs.
The UK government is in the process of developing a clear strategy for our future investment. The government has committed to spending 2.4% of GDP, both public and private, on R&D by 2027 – the OECD average. For the UK needs to not only raise our investment, but decide the direction of this investment and what the effort is aiming for.

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