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AFRL’s Grants to Support Quantum Information Science Will Also Support US Military Objectives

By IQT News posted 30 Dec 2020

(Sputnik.News) The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) announced Monday its Office of Scientific Research had awarded 17 grants of roughly $75,000 each to support research on “quantum information science” at institutions around the globe. The one-year grants followed a three-day virtual pitch event in September that received three dozen entries.
The AFRL website explains that quantum information science “applies the best understanding of the sub-atomic world – quantum theory – to generate new knowledge and technologies.” In other words, the researchers aim to apply some of the unique properties of subatomic particles, such as quantum entanglement and superposition, to gather and process information in support of US military objectives.
With so much of the US military’s everyday functioning flowing through its vast network of communications and intelligence satellites, the Pentagon has been looking for ways to ensure its ability to continue functioning if those assets come under attack. The ostensible fear of an attack by enemy satellites or ground-based anti-satellite weapons has prompted creation of the US Space Force (USSF). Also part of the Department of the Air Force, the USSF has spearheaded the development of anti-jamming technology as well as offensive jamming capabilities.
NOTE: Sputnik, formerly Voice of Russia and RIA Novosti, is a Russian state-owned news agency, news website platform and radio broadcast service. It was established by the Russian government-owned news agency Rossiya Segodnya on 10 November 2014.

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