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U of Calgary Awarded $11.8 M from Provincial Government for Quantum Research & Spinoff Industries

By IQT News posted 02 Nov 2020

(Calgary.Herald) An $11.8-million investment from the provincial government of Alberta will help the University of Calgary support programs designed to foster new technology-related jobs in Alberta, the UCP has announced.
The province says the funding will lead to “research that will help establish Alberta as a national and international hub for quantum computing and related spinoff industries.”
Approximately $3 million was awarded to researchers at the university, through the province’s Major Innovation Fund, to aid U of C’s Quantum Alberta network.
The program specializes in quantum technologies, which are an emerging field of physics and engineering that rely on the principles of quantum physics. Quantum technologies can be used to develop highly accurate sensor technology, secure communications and computing programs.
The field affects “every element of our economy from how you order your coffee on your phone to the ability to order your groceries online, the ability to see how we can be more efficient in agriculture, to help become more efficient in how we produce energy,” said Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation Doug Schweitzer.

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