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Toshiba safeguarding data and communications with quantum technology

By IQT News posted 05 Jan 2022

(ChannelNewsAsia) Japanese social infrastructure firm Toshiba is advocating the protection of data communications using quantum key distribution (QKD) technology to realise a more secure society.
Asia is a major global economic hub where data remains at risk due to weak data infrastructure. In countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, cybersecurity is already a growing priority for investment and policymaking alike. As the region approaches a point of inflection in the current climate, there is a pressing need to quickly implement tighter management measures to achieve more secured communication and data protection.
For instance, with Singapore’s positioning as a global financial hub, vast amounts of financial assets, transactions and personal information are stored and communicated in data centres and on the cloud. The island country could leverage QKD technology to encode data and detect potential data breaches early.
To deepen efforts in building secure communication systems, Toshiba recently announced a collaboration with Singapore-based quantum technology company SpeQtral.
Government interest is already on the rise vis-a-vis quantum physics. Australia, for instance, recently announced plans to invest US$73 million (S$100 million) in quantum science as a critical technology for national interests. Other tech-driven nations, including Japan and Singapore, are similarly ramping up investment in this space as part of national research and development spending. .
With a vision to deliver the world’s leading cyber-physical-system technology to protect the private information of companies and citizens, Toshiba’s QKD technology applies the fundamental laws of quantum physics in order to secure network communications.
With Southeast Asia primed for the adoption of new and leading-edge technologies such as QKD, there is strong emphasis on the cybersecurity of the region’s digital ecosystem and the creation of a resilient communications infrastructure.

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