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Toshiba Achieves World’s First Use of Quantum Cryptography to Transmit Genome Sequence Data

By IQT News posted 16 Jan 2020

(Toshiba) Toshiba has achieved what it calls the world’s first use of quantum cryptography to transmit genome sequence data.
Genome data about individuals is treated as protected personal information in certain circumstances under Japanese law and is transported physically in a biometric hard drive using a fingerprint scanner. Quantum encryption allowed it to be transmitted over fiber-optic cables.
The Japanese technology group and partner Tohoku University in the northern city of Sendai teamed to send the data. The information, collected from 24 people in a Toshiba-Tohoku project, was transmitted roughly 7 km over cables between a company site and the university in Miyagi Prefecture during a test last summer.
Unlike current quantum computing technology, which often requires temperatures near absolute zero, Toshiba’s encryption equipment can operate at room temperature.

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