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Top-10 Lineup of Quantum Tech Startups, Funding, Executives & Differentiators

By IQT News posted 18 Feb 2019

(NetworkWorld) A top-10 lineup of quantum tech startups is presented here against the backdrop of 2019 looking like it could be an inflection-point year for turning quantum computing from theory to fact. IBM, D-Wave and Rigetti all have commercial quantum computing products on the market now, and several startups in this top-10 lineup have already landed customers.
The startups outlined in the article are developing everything from quantum semiconductors to quantum cyber-security tools to cloud-based, quantum-powered applications for the enterprise. The company’s Executives and backgrounds, differentiators, location and “What they do” are provided for each company.
1. 1Qbit: Funding $45 Million
2. IonQ: Funding $22 Million
3. ISARA: Funding $21.5 Million
4. QCWare: Funding $6.5 Million
5. Q-CTRL: Funding Q-CTRL’s seed round was a “multi-million dollar round at an undisclosed level.”
6. QXBranch:Funding $8.5 Million
7. Rigetti Computing: Funding $119.5 Million
8. Strangeworks: Funding $4 Million
9. Xanadu: Funding $9 Million
10.Zapata Computing: Funding $5.4 Million

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