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Time interviews Lawrence Gasman in Quantum & Generative AI cover article

By Sandra Helsel posted 21 May 2024

TIME magazine’s May 13 cover article devoted to quantum computing and AI opens with statements from Lawrence Gasman, the Founder and President of Inside Quantum Technology (IQT). The article is entitled “Gen AI Has Already Taken the World by Storm. Just Wait Until It Gets a Quantum Boost.”

AI stands poised to get the boost from a new form of computing: quantum. “Quantum could potentially do some really remarkable things with AI,” says Gasman, who has been interested in the potential of AI since he was a graduate student in the 1970’s. “But . . . . .processors needed just didn’t exist.”

Time’s author Charlie Campbell explains, “It took half a century for computing power to catch up with AI’s potential”.

Campbell also cites additional quantum and AI leaders in his article.  Jay Gambetta, vice-president of IBM Quantum believes quantum has the potential to mesh with AI to produce truly awesome hybrid results. Raj Hazra, CEO of Colorado-based quantum start-up Quantinuum is quoted, “Generative AI is one of the best things that has happened to quantum computing.. . . . . “And quantum computing is one of the best things to happen to the advance of generative AI.”

Explaining the global context, Campbell discusses how quantum’s potential to turbocharge AI also contributes to the technology competition between the world’s superpowers. China’s estimated $25 billion in quantum investments dwarf the rest of the world.

Gasman has produced over 300 research reports and also plans programing for fall and spring IQT conferences in the USA as well internationally.  The program for IQT’s Quantum and Ai Conference is well underway with website ready for viewing.  Click here to read details on IQT’s Quantum + AI Conference will be held October 29-30 in NYC.



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